Decisions and Debts





Janna Bastow – CEO and co-founder of ProdPad – has written a remarkable post about technical debt, design debt, and some other types of debts we can’t live with or without. Making decisions means making trade-offs. Trade-offs so often mean taking on some types of debt. This can be a dilemma, especially if it stacks up too much.

I always like to step back and see the bigger picture.

Janna Bastow: Decisions, Debt, and Other Dilemmas – MTP, Manchester

Post by Attila Fabian

I am an automation engineer, programmer, database and web developer. I got my Master of Science degree at the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary (BME). I deal with the Internet since 1992. I led the development of several complex information systems and web sites in the financial, engineering, real estate, educational and non-profit sectors, helping startups, small and medium-sized businesses, churches and public-benefit charitable organisations.

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